Know the Risks and Benefits of Fasting for Pregnant Women Here

Many consider fasting during pregnancy can endanger the mother and baby in the womb. This assumption is not entirely true, because there are various benefits that can be obtained. By knowing the risks and benefits of fasting for pregnant women, pregnant women can decide to fast or not. When entering the holy month of Ramadan, some pregnant women want to continue fasting, even though this is actually not mandatory. Others choose not to fast because they are worried about the growth of the fetus in the womb. Risk of Fasting During Pregnancy Before breaking fast during pregnancy, make sure the pregnancy is in good health. If in doubt with the condition of pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor first. The doctor will examine the physical condition, medical history, and the possibility of health problems such as anemia or diabetes, as well as disorders in pregnancy. According to research, pregnant women who fast in the first trimester of pregnancy are more at risk of having a
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